Whether you have 30 minutes or 2 hours, we have a massage for you to get you feeling and moving great again!


Massage & Alternative Therapy 

Chair Massage 15 Minutes
10 mins
Back Neck &Shoulder 15 minutes15 mins£20
Back, Neck & Shoulder Swedish Massage30 mins£45
Swedish Full Body Massage1 Hour£75
Swedish Full Body Massage1.5 Hours
Deep Tissue: Back, Neck & Shoulder30 mins£45
Deep Tissue: Full Body
1 Hour£75
Organic Aromatherapy: Back, Neck & Shoulder30 mins£45
Organic Aromatherapy: Full Body1 Hour£75
Thai Oil: Full Body1 Hour£75
Thai Oil: Full Body
1.5 Hours  £105
Thai Oil/Swedish/Deep Tissue:

Full Body - Course of Six massage
Swedish, Thai , Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy Massage 
6 x 1 Hour£390

Couples Massage 
Available bookings via email, text message, call with us only 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Thai/Swedish Massage25 mins each£80
Back, Neck & Shoulder Deep Tissue Massage25 mins each£80
Back, Neck & Shoulder Organic Aromatherapy Massage25 mins each£80

Full Body Thai/Deep Tissue Massage 55 mins each£140
Full Body Organic Aromatherapy Massage55 mins each£140

Special deals weekday only 11.00am-19.00pm


Spa Experience 

30 mins Back, Neck & Shoulder with 25 mins Mini Facial55 mins£85
SRT. Stress Relief Treatment

Full Body Swedish massage with 25 mins Mini Facial
1 Hour 25 mins£109
Drift Away
1 Hr. Prescription Facial & 55 mins Swedish Massage
1 Hour 55 mins£135

Infra red sauna/steam 30 mins£30